Wet Room Refurbishment in Brentwood

Here is our recent project we have completed in June 2024 in Brentwood for one of our existing customer where we did his dad wet room in Leyton on September 2022  (

Converting a bathroom to a wet room can be a great way to create a sleek, modern, and accessible showering space. Here are the key steps and considerations for undertaking this project where we will help you to build your wet room from scratch.

⚡️⚡️⚡️We would like to share some key steps for DIY customers which may help to build your bathroom or wet room from scratch. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

✅ Planning and Design which including:

  • Checking if your bathroom’s size and layout are suitable for a wet room.
  • Ensure your floor structure can support the additional waterproofing and drainage requirements.
  • Decide on the placement of fixtures like the shower, toilet, sink, bathtub etc.
  • Plan for adequate drainage and ventilation to prevent water damage and mould growth.

   ✅ Waterproofing and preparation (based of tray installation):

  • Make sure your floor and walls levelled.
  • Use backer boards or at list moister resistant plasterboard. 
  • Apply a waterproof membrane to the floor and walls.
  • Use a tanking kit designed for wet rooms, which incl a liquid membrane, reinforcing tape, and primers.
  • Ensure all joints, corners, and edges are properly sealed to prevent water leakage.

✅ Drainage:

  • Ensure the floor is sloped correctly towards the drain to facilitate water flow.
  • Before finalizing the floor, test the drainage to ensure there are no leaks or pooling water.
  • Use a pre-formed wet room floor former or create a slope with a screed.The slope should direct water towards the drain effectively.

✅ Tilling and Grouting:

  • Choose non-slip, waterproof tiles suitable for wet rooms.
  • Waterproof flexible adhesive and grout to ensure a watertight finish.
  • Use waterproof grout and sealant to ensure the tiles are properly sealed, never use cheap sealant. 

✅ Ventilation:

  • Install adequate extractor fan preferred with humidistat sensor, which is powerful also.
  • Ensure proper ventilation to reduce humidity and prevent mould growth.

✅ Fixtures and Fittings:

  • Install the shower, toilet, sink, and any other fixtures.
  • Ensure all plumbing connections are secure and waterproof.
  • Check for Accessibility, If accessibility is a concern, consider installing grab bars and a shower seat.

  ✅ Final Checks:

  • Inspect for any leaks, thoroughly check for any leaks or water pooling.
  • Ensure all waterproofing measures are intact and effective.
  • Clean all surfaces and apply any necessary sealants.
  • Make sure all fixtures are functioning correctly.

✅ Compliance and Safety:

  • Check local building regulations to ensure your wet room meets all required standards.
  • In some areas, a wet room conversion might require permits or inspections especially with leaseholder properties. 

If you’re not confident in your DIY skills, consider hiring professionals for certain aspects of the conversion, such as waterproofing, plumbing, and tiling. Professional expertise can ensure the wet room is installed correctly and safely.

Converting a bathroom to a wet room involves careful planning, precise execution, and attention to detail, but the result can be a stylish, practical, and easy-to-clean space.

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Gallery of our completed project

During our work, we took some photos for our website.

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