Stunning Bathroom Renovation in Leyton.

Here is our next successful bathroom refurbishment delivered to one of elder man this September 2022. Bathroom was very old and in a bad condition. It has also been with partition wall, separate toilet and bathtub which brings uncomfortable usage for our client especially with his age. 

Within a week from scratch we did following:

⚡️ Whole demolition incl removed existing and useless partition wall;

⚡️ Turned bathroom into a Shower Room by moving positions;

⚡️ Concealed all copper pipes to avoid any boxing panels and for more modern look;

⚡️ New lighting, extractor fan, new electric shower, full rewiring;

⚡️ Stylish tiles and perfect contrast;

⚡️ Plenty of storage spaces by added new bathroom furniture including sink and tap;

⚡️ Moved toilet slightly back to the wall, by won extra 5cm of space;

⚡️ Replaced ceiling with new plasterboard incl plastering;

⚡️ Refreshed interior door by replace all hinges and handle;

⚡️ Finalised with painting work and stunning cleaning!

With new electrical certification after completion, we believe that our customer safe and happy to have his dreaming shower room from now. 

Is your bathroom needs some improvements? We already know how difficult to find right team and get your project done on time, within your budget and detail. If you reading this message, maybe this is a right time to give us a call? Please look our next successful project delivered this September 2022.

We would like to share a short video and some photos with you

Gallery of our completed project

During our work, we took some photos for our website.

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