Kitchen Transformation in Chelsea, London

We would like to present our next amazing kitchen refurbishment project which has been completed in February 2023. Please check first our customer design pack from B&Q to compare what has been done (see gallery section).

The layout of the existing kitchen was long but very narrow with limited space. However, our customer wanted to install the complete range of integrated appliances which included installation of dishwasher which is out of the design brochure. 

The project site was within a Grade 2 listed flat based on the Kings Road Chelsea.  This presented a lot of unique restrictions applied by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea both from an access and build point of view.  All renovations required by our customer needed to follow an agreed set of building conditions with all the necessary permissions applied.  

Access to the site was also quite restrictive as the property was on the 3rd floor above a parade of high street shops, there was also no lift access.  There were also noise level restrictions to abide by so as not to disturb the other residents around the block.

We did another project at the same time whilst on this site which included a brand new wet shower room refurbishment.  This work consisted of installation of brand new plumbing and electrical work throughout and all work was done from scratch. Here is the link of this project:

Our highlights of this project are as follows:

⚡️Removal of old partition wall between kitchen and bathroom and build new insulated partition wall, by winning some space between kitchen and bathroom.

⚡️Replumbing whole kitchen which including a Wi-Fi enabled Unvented Water Heater installation on the right hand wall to the window side, very slim heater matching shape of existing wall.

⚡️Ensuring kitchen window was free of any obstructions from new water heater and kitchen units to enhance the view and natural light provided by the main kitchen window.

⚡️ Creation of extra bespoke wall units around the wall above the induction hob in turn maximising the storage space while keeping design elegant and sleek. All aspects of the kitchen were integrated we also managed to install new consumer unit inside a kitchen cabinet thus maintaining a sleek look within the kitchen with straight lines.

⚡️If you check the size of the kitchen, you will realise that even with a tiny space you can have all integrated appliances like: Fridge and Freezer, Hob and Oven, Hood, Microwave, Dishwasher. Many cabinets as a storage to keep everything as required.  We also managed to fit a new hot water faucet with freshwater filter for our customer.

⚡️Smooth plastered and painted walls including the chimney breast.

⚡️ LED mood lighting with two-way controller and brightness giving a modem futuristic feel throughout.

To give you some piece of mind, please read our customer review on the end of the picture’s gallery (which can be located on web site also).

So, If you planning to earn a good return from your investments, property refurbishment is one of the best ways to bring some value to your property. If you need our opinion or any help and advice with products and services, feel free to get in touch with us. Most of our estimates are free of charge.

We would like to share a short video and some photos with you.

Gallery of our completed project.

During our work, we took some photos for our website.

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