Wet Shower Room Refurbishment in Chelsea.

We would like to present our next amazing wet room refurbishment project which has been completed in February 2023. The layout of the existing bathroom was long but very narrow with limited space. However, our customer wanted to replace the pre-existing bathtub with an extremely low rise shower enclosure. For this installation to be successful, we needed to win some space to ensure a good fit for the shower tray while still providing ample walkway space to the W/C section at the end of the bathroom.

The project site was within a Grade 2 listed flat based on the Kings Road Chelsea.  This presented a lot of unique restrictions applied by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea both from an access and build point of view.  All renovations required by our customer needed to follow an agreed set of building conditions with all the necessary permissions applied.  

Access to the site was also quite restrictive as the property was on the 3rd floor above a parade of high street shops, there was also no lift access.  There were also noise level restrictions to abide by so as not to disturb the other residents around the block

We did another project at the same time whilst on this site which included a brand new kitchen.  This work consisted of installation of brand new plumbing and electrical work throughout and all work was done from scratch. Kitchen will be published shortly as we decided to split two projects and clarify each one individually. 

Our highlights of this project are as follows:

⚡️ Removal of old partition wall between kitchen and bathroom and build new insulated partition.

⚡️ Replumbing of the entire wet room with new mixer taps, shower enclosure inc tray, vanity unit and concealed W/C by winning some back space for the W/C installation.  We even installed a new washing machine. Made a new slope for the waste trap up to 40cm lower from the current place outside of the building with scaffold involved.

⚡️ Bespoke recess with LED lights inside of the wet room and new wire connection for new LED wifi Bluetooth mirror and new towel rail also.

⚡️ Installation of Electric underfloor heating within bathroom.

⚡️ Creation of a bespoke recess above washing machine which includes floating shelves to form a snug utility area.

⚡️ Tiling wall to ceiling of entire bathroom with new fan and isolator switches.

⚡️ Brand new door installation and nice painting work finalised this project.

To give you some piece of mind, please read our customer review on the end of the picture’s gallery (which can be located on web site also).

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We would like to share a short video and some photos with you

Gallery of our completed project

During our work, we took some photos for our website.

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