Tiny Shower Makeover in Islington.

Would u be interesting to consider for the good and best present for your family? Why not to bring something unexpected which will be never through to the bin?:)

Our next successful project has been delivered recently in Islington. Customer mentioned about his family (father, he will back shortly to the house and his memory not good enough but still remembering something). We managed to keep shape and style of the bathroom as it was before except bath tube but still modern look.

Realistically we did shower room from scratch but managed to save mirror and vanity unit as it was before for many years. We managed to replace wooden window to modern aluminium one during this time also.   

Our highlights of this project are as follows:

⚡️ Replaced wooden window for aluminium one and managed to safe a mirror also.

⚡️ Replumbed whole shower room incl hidding all pipes inside the walls and under the floor.

⚡️ Installed new shower tray and lowered new waste connection for the walking shower (connected to the main pipe which is outside of the building with no proper access). 

⚡️ New flooring installation incl floor levelling.

⚡️ Classic and modern handmade tiles showing contrast and excellent modern look.

⚡️ Many other minor work also has been done.

Big respect to our client who is looking after the parents this difficult time. One of the best gifts present we have experienced recently. 

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To give you some piece of mind, please read our customer review on the end of the picture’s gallery (which can be located on web site also).

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We would like to share a short video and some photos with you

Gallery of our completed project

During our work, we took some photos for our website.

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