Bathroom renovation in Romford, London

We would like to share our experience of completed bathroom renovation in Romford, London. So, firstly, I would like to say thank you to my customer for being a good listener, for the trust and passion to work with us.

With limited customer budget we fitted good quality materials and we are happy to keep our warranty also. As we completed many projects our priority is to keep promises and warranty for longest time even if it is out of the scene, so we are always using good quality materials to make sure we don’t have to come back and repair anything.

Our first visit to the property made us as usual concerned of existing installation and again we were disappointed how the builders were doing renovation and asking payment after completion. At this project existing walls have been completely damaged as the constantly leak damaged structure of the walls, damaged even concrete on the floor. Customer used bathroom like in 19th century I believe.

So, when we prepare quotations for the customers, we always remember that unless you do demolition and lifting up all hidden parts of area, we never know what is waiting for us there and how it will affect our budget and labour as well. Sometimes people are saying, “it’s so expensive, “it is out of our budget”, “we have few more quotes from other builders double less than yours” – correct, agree, but we always explain in detail what the customer pay for to compare with other quotes.

List of completed work:

  • Demolition.
  • Repairing walls, part of floor and ceiling.
  • Repairing ceiling, prepare installation of water resistance spotlights.
  • Boxed in pipes and toilet area.
  • Plumbing work, first fix.
  • Plastering.
  • New wiring installation (spotlights and under heating floor).
  • Installation of new underfloor heating insulation boards.
  • Installation of all second fix plumbing equipment.
  • Installation of new underheating floor and thermostatic unit.
  • Bespoke work top in laundry room,
  • Waterproof (tanking).
  • Painting and decorating.
  • Flooring installation as an extra at the corridor.
  • Full cleaning and rubbish collection.

Recommendation to our customers:

⚡️ Always use a professional company who use good quality products, always keep the warranty.

⚡️ It doesn’t matter which project you are starting, it is very important not to rush. If you do not have enough funds to cover the cost, better do not start, during this time, get few quotes, talk to builders and feel free to keep asking any questions in detail how the builders are going to do the work.

⚡️Do your research, check out the builders on social platforms, ask to see their ID, ask to see their  portfolio.  Never pay up front and be wary of unrealistic deposits.

Here is the full report from our beautiful project:

Gallery of our completed work

When we arrived for the first time, we took some photos for our website. This is how the bathroom was before the renovation.

We have taken a few photos during the project. You can see examples of our craftsmanship.

If you would like to discuss your next project, feel free to contact us, alternatively look few more projects here

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