Bathroom renovation at Peckham in London

A bathroom makeover is one of the best ways to spruce up your home. You deserve to have the modern bathroom look up and to feel comfortable and enjoy during your morning routine as well as relaxing after a hard working day. New design of your bathroom, modern bath units, stylish tiles and improved lighting create the perfect atmosphere for your private life. 

You may think that bathroom remodelling takes a lot of time but look at one of our recent projects this summer. A completely remodelling of bathroom design and all installations took us 2 weeks. The client is happy to get a new look of her bathroom and high standard service within her budget. 

Our experts settled on a new design of the bathroom that fits our client vision and budget. Please have a look list of tasks completed during this period of time from start to finish:

  • New wiring with adding sport light instead of main light, mirror wiring, extractor fun, plus under heating floor unit control with limited space outside the bathroom; ⠀
  • New plumbing work for unusual style of bathroom, tap, chosen by the client; 
  • Replaced existing standard pasteboards sheets to waterproofing; ⠀
  • New flooring supports for more stability before shutting floor; ⠀
  • Two access panels set up; one close to the bath unit near right side of the wall, second access panel on top of boxed toilet unit. Both of them can’t be see it; 
  • Waterproofing round the whole bathroom as style of bath unit and tap needs special attention and to sleep well it took us more attention also to complete as need it; 
  • Few different style of tiles and modern future wall;
  • Carpentry, new frame and locks;
  • Second fix of plumbing work; fitting bath and taps with LIMITED access; ⠀
  • Finalised with painting and mirror set up, full cleaning like at she showing room. 

I believe we did deliver service at higher level standard and in time.  Choosing our services, you choose safety and high standard quick renovations in your property. Whatever is not supporting to your project, we will try find alternative way choosing similar product matching your style, criteria’s and budget. 

Feeling inspired and ready to start remodelling bathroom in your home? Check out our PROJECTS or give us a call to talk about your ideas.

And below is our report from the construction site.

If you would like to discuss your next project, feel free to contact us, alternatively look few more projects here

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