Bathroom and Wetroom Makeover in Dulwich

Transform your bathroom or shower area into a luxurious retreat with our expert renovation services. We ensure your bathroom will be functional & beautiful. Our skilled team handles every aspect of the remodel.

Basement Makeover in Peckham

Previous good storage place converted to fabulous leaving area with all benefits for a nice chill out, utility area and plenty of storage benefits. We created a spacious, open-concept layout to maximize the available square footage. To find our more please follow this project by clicking here.

Wet Room Conversion in Catford

Thinking to convert existing bathroom to the shower room? Or looking to convert your bedroom into the bathroom? We have plenty of ideas how to modernise your property and bring your dream to reality from small to big projects. to find out more click here.

Wet Room Refurbishment in Brentwood

Converting a bathroom to a wet room involves careful planning, precise execution, and attention to detail, but the result can be a stylish, practical, and easy-to-clean space. Here are the key steps and considerations for undertaking this project.

Utility Room Refurbishment, Eltham

Customer had an enquiry to modernise utility room by having a deep size basin basin incl vanity unit. After some good research she couldn’t find anything matching her room size till she found us by recommendations. Click here to get some more information.

Wardrobes Makeover, Swanley

Here is a half-board bathroom refurbishment where the customer got a limited budget to invest for his property by converting his bathroom into a shower room. You don’t need to spend a lot, make some research before hire builders. Click here to get some more information.

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