Utility Room Refurbishment, Eltham

Customer had an enquiry to modernise utility room by having a deep size basin basin incl vanity unit. After some good research she couldn’t find anything matching her room size till she found us by recommendations. Click here to get some more information.

Wardrobes Makeover, Swanley

Here is a half-board bathroom refurbishment where the customer got a limited budget to invest for his property by converting his bathroom into a shower room. You don’t need to spend a lot, make some research before hire builders. Click here to get some more information.

Four Bedroom House Renovation at Peckham in London

How to refurbish a house when everything is involved and requires your particular attention as the house needs some modernisation and renovation. There are limited options as you have a limited budget…

Six Bedrooms House Renovation in South East London

This project was to renovate a 6-bedroom house, there were two tenants occupying rooms in the house. This proved to be a challenge for us, as we had to work round them, particularly as one of the tenants was at home all day…

Summer House Renovation at Marbella in Spain

Completed renovation of a property near seaside. The apartment suffered from extensive wear and tear and needed modernisation. We upgraded a living room, bedrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, halls. We even fitted an air conditioning unit…

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