Stylish Bathroom Renovation in Clapham, London

☀️ One of the fabulous bathroom refurbishments has been completed by us this September 2023. Customer purchased wonderful property recently and with the right way of investments he decided to start upgrading his property by bringing some value on it. We have completed several projects for him and decided to split projects from each other to avoid confusing.   One of it is a bathroom, so let us share some brief information about this project. 

☑️ Some of the tasks can be done better (for example hiding pipes instead of boxing or extractor fan installation) but due some house rules restrictions he didn’t have many options to accept our offer. 

⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ Our highlights of this project are as follows: ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️:

✅ Time of delivery services incl helping customer getting right products using our trading cards.

✅ Running new water supply incl cold and hot water for the bidet shower (located best place for comfortable usage, installed unit and toilet between it in right level – BELIVE ME ITS VERY DIFFICULT).

✅ Running new water supply for new mixer shower.  

✅ Levelled all walls incl ceiling.

✅ Additional support for the bathtub with access panel to the waste. Tilling instead of UPVC bath panel.

✅ Whole waterproofing incl walls and floor. 

✅ Branded lights, modern radiator and perfect pattern of tiles finalised our project in detail. 

🕰 So, within 3 weeks we have delivered from scratch: bathroom renovation which u currently see, next is shower enclosure (, bedroom renovation which included full insulation and some other minor work will be published shortly. If you are following us, you will be able to find them in our web site with similar description soon. 

We would like to share a short video and some photos with you

Gallery of our completed project

During our work, we took some photos for our website.

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