Stylish Bathroom Renovation at Greenwich in London.

Many traders can understand how difficult is to sell your product(s), especially services when you are spending lot of time for meetings, estimates, and it is still not a guarantee you will get/win the job.

That what has happened to us, due not to personal reasons of the client, but due to permission from Greenwich Council to allow setting up a new extractor fan as client waited – “ages”. We provided estimate to the customer last summer, which has been approved this March only and I believe we delivered an excellent service to make client happy finally in this case.

I believe this description can reach our client too and I would like to say Thank You for the trust to my company in this difficult period of time.

Highlights of this project are:

  • Organisation and fast delivery service (7 days from scratch till completion);
  • Products and materials through Whatsapp only as client was away all this time;
  • New extractor fan installation agreed with the Council;
  • New wiring incl additional lighting, underheating floor and swich position replaced;
  • Waterproofing shower area for the next ten years at least 🙂 
  • Toilet position was slightly moved closer to the wall for wider space in the bathroom (even wasn’t on the quote);
  • Tiled window seal for better and modern look (even wasn’t on the quote);
  • Upgraded hinges, locks for the window and door (even wasn’t on the quote);
  • Only good quality products have been used even cost was more than quoted and many more labour labour work been delivered to the client.

We would like to share a short video and some pictures with you since we completed work there. 

Gallery of our completed work.

When we arrived for the first time, we took some photos for our website. This is how the bathroom was before and during renovation.

Dear clients, please always check what the traders are quoting you and keep asking links, pictures etc. Make sure to sign an agreement and this will be your good evidence and proof of the job delivered. Only this way you can claim your expenses as this is a common problem in UK with trading people, especially not officially established. Sure, you will save a lot of money, but what can happen if something will go wrong?

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