Single bedroom renovation at Peckham in London

What u will do if your existing clients asking you for help as desperation to let the room but struggling to pay first for the job as out of money…
On this case we are happy to assist also to provide free credit and monthly instalments.
The room was in bed condition, low rent and arguments with the tenants as a leak and dampness around, even the floor not in level at all.

Here we share some of our experience working on this project:

  • We did install new joises to make floor level and sorted with the noise while walking after good supports;
  • We did install new radiator and hide all pipes into the walls for better look;
  • Install new plywood and laminate with good quality underlay;
  • Sorted with the window leak as the roof has been recently repaired by the council also;
  • New wiring installation include new sockets and switches;
  • After stripping off wallpaper we did plastering round the room;
  • Painting and decorating been also on place;
  • New skirtins, fire door and architraves, locks and hinches.

This job took us 6 days till completion!

We took some pictures and video for our web site

And below is our report from the construction site.

If you would like to discuss your next project, feel free to contact us, alternatively look few more projects here

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