Summer House Renovation at Marbella in Spain

UKRSTARS LTD was tasked to perform renovation of a property near seaside. The apartment suffered from extensive wear and tear and needed modernisation throughout. When you scroll down this page you will realise which condition of this property was before. Nearly each cm in the property has been renovated except windows. So, after hard and dusty demolition process we start following…

🏝 New bespoke kitchen fitted;

🏝 Two new bathrooms with bespoke units;

🏝 New plumbing in the kitchen and bathrooms;

🏝 Bespoke Storage units were replaced;

🏝 Electrical wires were replaced throughout the property;

🏝 Central Air Condition System installed;

🏝 Modern-style furnishings and decorations installed are also bespoke work;

🏝 New furniture was assembled and installed also;

🏝 From demolition till glass of wine on balcony took us 3 month to complete;

🏝 This holiday flat have a good high rent and good chance to resell with a good profit.

Today we are happy to present video and photos made after the renovation was completed and happy owners moved in.

Living Room

Living room was plastered and redecorated. New bespoke doors bi size required were fitted to separate it from the hall. Modern-style furnishings, decorations and furniture added a real sparkle and WOW effect.


In line with overall design project, halls were modernised plastered and redecorated. Plants were added to create an atmostphere of oasis to this summer property.


Old kitchen was completely pulled out and replaced with a modern kitchen and new branded appliances. Given that this apartment can accomodate an extended familiy a large refrigirator was fitted as well.


The property has two bathrooms. Both had to be replaced to offer high level of comfort to property residents. One of the bathroom have a marble tiles incl flooring which hasn’t been touch but gave us more headache to refurbished with more attention in detail to avoid any damages to the marbles existing product incl flooring.


Master bedroom and the second bedroom were renovated. Doors were replaced, storage units were pulled out and replaced with modern shelfing units. Modern-style furnishings and decorations including large photos on the walls created hotel-level luxury effect.

Before Renovation

And to help you understand amount of work our project team completed, we would like to share photos of the property before the renovation.

During Renovation

Our team pays atmost attention to quality of our work and it includes all stages of every project. On the photos below you can see how we perform work on walls, electrical wiring, replace storage units.

By maintaining clean and well organised construction site we ensure there is no accidental damage to the property, furnishings, fixtures, appliances and furniture.

If you would like to discuss your next project, feel free to contact us, alternatively look few more projects here.

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