New Stylish Kitchen Makeover in Spitalfields.

All our projects big or small are carried out to the highest of standard, and we ensure every job meets your requirements. Every project has its own story, so here we would like to share, with you, our recent happy customer experience – a kitchen renovation. 

We have a range of professional services, including design, delivery, a list of quality retailers, until the completion matches our customers budget and criteria.

Our customer decided to fit a new kitchen, like to like, with his existing one, We invited one of our designers, from Wickes, for a consultation also. Within a very short time, our customer received a 3D design, and a full estimate for the kitchen works. Within one month, the project was completed.

We made some constructive suggestions to our customer, which he consented to, and these ideas were added to the project. 

Thank you, dear customer, for being a good listener, and for being patient during the works process. 

Here are highlights of our professional services:

⚡️ Free measurement and design from Wickes Retailer Group;

⚡️ Customer used our trade point card, 15% has been already saved with Wickes;

⚡️First fix plumbing work completed, started setting up kitchen units;

⚡️Assistance with delivery (City of London, public street, second floor, limited space);

⚡️Demolition and rubbish disposal same day, no mess around;

⚡️ Wallpaper removal and plastering same day;

⚡ Floor adjustments as required;

⚡All first fix electric and plumbing work, swapped door;

⚡️Kitchen units and worktops installed;

⚡️Splashback (tiles);

⚡️Painting and decorating;

⚡️Vinyl Flooring;

⚡️Some bespoke shelves installed, new blinds, and other decoration things;

⚡️Full cleaning in detail.

Dear Landlords, how good are you to your tenants? Always look after your tenants and you will never have a headache to accommodate your property anymore. 

We are with you from the start all the way through to you holding the completion certificate in your hands, and we also help homeowners get passed onto local councils for gas and electric certification. 

We would like to share a short video and some photos with you.

Gallery of our completed project.

During our work, we took some photos for our website.

Would you like to transform your existing kitchen for something special? – a tasteful selection of units, appliances and decorating materials will create an impression of style in your premises. Feel free to give us a call and we will match your budget and criteria.

So, If you already have an idea and need a team of professionals who can make it real just give us a call and you will be our next HAPPY CLIENT!

Follow us at many social platforms for new updates and new completed projects and be sure with us you’re safe and will be happy!

If you would like to discuss your next project, feel free to contact us, alternatively look few more projects here

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