New Shower Room Installation at Canary Wharf in London.

Recently we have refurbished and installed new bathroom for our client. And for a goodwill he did ask to complete next project in his house by converting existing utility room into the shower room. So, if you wish to see our completed bathroom previously installed by us in his house, please have a look this link

Other major elements of this project were:

✅  We started with a toilet room and converted it into a bathroom. To do that we needed to move one of walls to create more space;

✅  Bathroom cabinet with a rainforest shower installed;

✅  Integrated toilet installed;

✅  New integrated sink;

✅ Handmade shelving unit has been installed;

✅ New underfloor heating;

✅ Extractor fan has been installed also;

✅  Everything from plumbing to electrical wiring had to be done anew because of amount of changes we were introducing;

✅  To complete the job we painted ceiling and covered walls and the floor with tiles.

We left our customer happy and guaranteed to do any work in the future if needed.

⚡️During the project we demonstrated high levels of craftsmanship. In particular setting up wooden support frames throughout the bathroom required professional level of carpentry skills.

⚡️Once frames were installed, we could fit new plumbing and install a sink and an integrated toilet frame.

⚡️Overall we didn’t just create a new bathroom, we created a bathroom that beams with modern and sophisticated look.

In old days toilets used the floor for support. Modern integrated toilets rely on a support frame installed behind the wall.

Most people like it for its design and utility.

However in some cases it allows you to fit a toilet in a place where you simply don’t have suitable plumbing and it cannot be installed.

If you would like to discuss your next project, feel free to contact us, alternatively look few more projects here

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