Modern bathroom renovation in Upper Norwood, London

In our many years of experience we have not had a project such as this one.  Our client had a new bathroom installed two years prior, however they have been unable to use their luxurious bathroom; they were unable to use the jacuzzi or the mixer shower.  Our first impression was that the bathroom appeared to have been finished to a high standard.

However, on subsequent visits to inspect the bathroom, we identified that the water pressure was low and there was a leak as the bathroom was not waterproof.  Our client had resorted to using the shower room on a lower floor as they had been unable to use their luxurious bathroom for a year; they were exasperated and frustrated.

Identifying the problem was just the beginning, it took a considerable amount of time to investigate, analyse how to undo and correct the poor workmanship.

We were involved in assisting our client with the design of the bathroom.  Our client were consulted and fully involved, when the installation began it went smoothly, because everyone was clear from the outset; we had agreed the schedule of works and we maintained effective communication throughout.

When we started the demolition work in the bathroom, we encountered further problems, the grout had cracked around the shower, the waterproof installation was defective, the floor and walls were uneven and there were cracks around the ceiling and walls, this was due to foundation movements.  The builders had omitted to apply fibreglass before skimming or plastering.

The work schedules:

  • Demolition, everything was ripped out except flooring.  
  • Our first job was to fix the plumbing: reposition the bath unit, towel rail, instead of mixer shower a digital shower was installed, boxed in toilet system.
  • Fix wet shower tray installation.
  • Preparation for closing flooring, additional supports, installed new cement boards and soft levelling round the bathroom.
  • Wiring carried out for down lights, under floor heating, and digital shower.
  • Waterproofing each cm of the bathroom include basin area.
  • Installed under floor heating.
  • Handcraft tiling applied tiles with 45 degrees at the edging. 
  • Handcraft built in shower shelves.
  • Installed pocket sliding door. 
  • Skimming, walls and ceiling.
  • Bespoke cabinet unit.
  • Painting and decorating.
  • Fitted toilet, vanity unit, bath unit, digital shower, tower rail, bath panel, shower screen, taps.
  • Silicon round the whole bathroom.
  • Modern mirror installation with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth system.
  • Fitted blind to the window.

Recommendation to our customers:

⚡️ Always use a professional company who use good quality products, always keep the warranty.

⚡️Try to use branded products such as Digital Showers, as you can save a lot, instead of replacing whole heating system, these showers are designed and built especially for use with very low pressure, please take a look at the link for more information 

⚡️Do your research, check out the builders on social platforms, ask to see their ID, ask to see their  portfolio.  Never pay up front and be wary of unrealistic deposits, do  shop around and get a few quotes.

Here is the full report from our beautiful project:

Gallery of our completed work

When we arrived for the first time, we took some photos for our website. This is how the bathroom was before the renovation.

We have taken a few photos during the project. You can see examples of our craftsmanship.

If you would like to discuss your next project, feel free to contact us, alternatively look few more projects here

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