Modern Bathroom Renovation in The Perfectionists House at Croydon.

Every project has a story. With this one, we would like to share some experiences with you since we did work in this lovely house this February 2021. 

We decided to split two bathrooms for two separate projects as we did two bathrooms in the same house in one go. Please follow us and you will see similar description to compare with this one in PROJECTS section on our web site at

After clarifying few details with the customer, we did think we gonna go with same British standards as usual, but NOT THIS TIME and let me explain why…

Thank God we still have our mentality, knowledge, experience and education in the past at different countries, which helps us following NOT just a British standard, but helps us to deliver all of this to the customers who are so PERFECIONISTS at each “millimetre” you do at the property.  With our experience in the past, most of traders will run away with emotions as you under control of perfectionist and it’s too hard to match time delivery and working with quoted prices, BUT NOT for UKRSTARS LTD.

So, the services we offered and delivered for this small bathroom are:

  • Accurate and fast demolition;
  • Full insulation of walls, floor and ceiling (backer boards and rockwool);
  • All plumbing work require for the first fix incl moving a waste pipe;
  • Suspended ceiling installation;
  • New wiring for digital shower, spotlights, powerful ventilation damp control, mirror and under floor heating;
  • Wall heating mat application; Dry towels instead of a heated towel rail;
  • Waterproofing (Tanking);  
  • New pocket interior door with modern hinges;
  • Two different set of tiling, including future wall and bath panel tiles;
  • Bespoke integrated shelf;
  • Instead of changing window, refurbishing with a new mechanism and lock;
  • Second fix plumbing; Wall mounted toilet, bathroom unit, hand shower, digital shower, basin and vanity unit, tap;
  • Easy access to suspended ceiling (access panel) where is access for digital shower, lighting, extractor;  
  • Touch sensor + LED Bluetooth modern mirror;
  • Painting and decorating;
  • Electric certificate issued;
  • Cleaning and rubbish disposal.

Dear clients and traders! Here is some advice how to be satisfied with your renovation:

✅ Always check traders at social platforms, read reviews before meeting them;

✅ Ask for ID if necessary, try to meet the owner of the business face to face;

✅ Always check and confirm your agreements;

✅ Always open and check each item received from retailers for any scratches and damages, do not be lazy to do this as you can be out of pocket;

✅ Be a good listener and have a good attitude no matter who you are speaking to.

We would like to share a short video and some pictures with you since we completed work there. 

Gallery of our completed work

When we arrived for the first time, we took some photos for our website. This is how the bathroom was before and during renovation.

May I ask what can be better after hard work, after stressful situations during renovation to expect from the client? You will say, PAYMENTJ? – correct, but NOT REALLY WHAT WE EXPECTED, we just needed a very basic emotion – REAL SMILE and then a payment for sure 🙂

I am kindly thanking you if you read this description in full. Be healthy and safe!

If you would like to discuss your next project, feel free to contact us, alternatively look few more projects here

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