Apartment Renovation at Royal Docks in London

Imagine you have an apartment that is still fresh and new, but you struggle to rent it out as the area is flooded with new build properties offering plushier accommodation. We just recently finished renovation of such apartment and major elements of that project were:

✨Kitchen replacement. This required new electrical wiring and new plumbing as the old kitchen had a simple arrangement that didn’t even include a washing machine;

✨Bathroom renovation. Replaced plastic pipes with copper pipes. Installed a new sink, a new toilet, a new bath and a towel hanger. Fitted bespoke cabinets and storage units. Decorated the bathroom with premium tiles throughout. Extractor fan also been fitted;

✨Installed a new cylinder heating system to improve energy efficiency of the property;

✨Replaced storage radiators with underfloor heating system. Offering better efficiency as well as saving valuable space. Since the apartment was at ground level and its floor wasn’t sufficiently even, we had to install underlay, a heating layer and then put a soft level on top. This ensured high energy efficiency as heat was not leaking down to the basement any longer;

✨Bedroom upgrade. New electrical wiring, a hand-made fitted wardrobe with sliding doors, window refurbishment with new sound and heat insulation, painting and decorating, sliding doors installation;

✨Living room. Space was visually expended by replacing a kitchen door with an arch. Once painting and decorating was over we fitted smaller elements such as a custom made curtains with a designer curtain pole;

✨With every project we aim to exceed customer expectations. Before our involvement the apartment had insufficient water pressure and water was tainted because of the quality of pipes. By replacing plumbing and the boiler we restored high quality water supply;

✨Another highlight is that we fitted a tubes system into walls to simplify and future-proof electrical and general wiring throughout the property;

✨Finally, as we worked on the renovation of the whole apartment, we had plenty of space to apply our painting and decoration expertise. All walls and ceiling were covered in new paint, floors were laminated. Our tiling skills were needed to finish the bathroom.

Dear customers, if you looking to bring good value to your property it will be the best investment by refresh your premises and here we are to help you get things right.

The project took us one month from start to finish with a few pauses in between. And here we share some of our experience working on this project.

If you would like to discuss your next project, feel free to contact us, alternatively look few more projects here

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