Luxury Shower Room Installation at Woolwich in London.

Welcome to see our next completed project this October 2021 were the client wanted everything to be done in detail. The client was struggling to use his existing bathroom on the ground floor as it a small, full of leak and mould, cracked tiles around and very freezing inside.  

After a proper investigation our estimate has been given and job done within 10 days from scratch incl shopping list.

And here is our highlights…  

⚡️ Day one – shopping together with many retailers, items ordered and delivered;

⚡️ Day two – demolition done, ready for handcrafting work;

⚡️ Day three and four – lifting up existing ceiling to half meter up; first fix plumbing and electric work done incl new waste installation for the wet shower and new Coupled Toilet without any new boxed in frames as was before;

⚡️ Day five and six – install some Backer Boards and levelled all walls and floor, waterproofing using Mapei Shower Tanking Kit, preparation for tiling work;

⚡️ Day six and seven – Installed underheating matts round the floor, small landing area  and right hand wall in the shower instead of towel rail, start tilling;

⚡️ Day eight – grouting, second fix plumbing installation which incl wall handed vanity unit and tap, coupled toilet, mixer shower taps and shower head, shower screen, interior door, and all bathroom accessorises;

⚡️ Day nine – painting and decorating, incl spraying some bathroom accessorises matching existing colours which  is GUNMETAL;

⚡️ Finally, removing all rubbish from the garden, protection sheets from the ground floor in the property, full cleaning, few touch up – JOB DONE.

When we removed existing boxed frame, part of false wall, lifted up ceiling – we bring much wider space into the shower. For now wet shower room look much better and finally luxury to compare what is was before.

We would like to share a short video and some photos with you

Gallery of our completed project

During our work, we took some photos for our website.

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