Luxury Bespoke Shed Installation in Basildon.

Our next completed and handcrafted work delivered this spring 2022 where our existing client gave us a go to show our best experience and knowledge in his garden by making new bespoke shed and new summer house installation.

We decided to split both projects for two to easy understand each task in detail. So relating Summer House Installation project you may find more info by clicking link here

From scratch till completion this project took us two weeks excluding French door installation where delivery took more than 3 months to come back and complete our job in detail. 

So, what can be done within 2 weeks:

⚡️ Day one – Demolition existing shed and preparation for the foundation to be done;

⚡️ Day two – Foundation completed, awaiting to be settled;

⚡️ Few days later started building up walls, making frame by the size required;

⚡️ Day five – Insulation, membrane, preparation for the flat roof installation;

⚡️ Day six – Flat roof installation completed incl fascia boards, starting and completing   cladding work;

⚡️ Day seven – Interior work: few sockets, switches, consumer unit, lighting, preparation for the plastering work;

⚡️Day 8 – Plastering completed, painting outside;

⚡️ Few days later painting and second fix electrical work completed, prepared to install new French door. When new French Doors arrived, we finished withing a day whole snagging and touch ups required to complete job in detail. 

If you have some space in your property, why not to improve your property by adding some benefits on it. Firstly, it will increase value for it, secondly – your family will enjoy each day in good comfort in the property!

Good news is – You don’t have to obtain permission to do this job.

We would like to share a short video and some photos with you

Gallery of our completed project

During our work, we took some photos for our website.

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