Garage conversion to a bedroom at Brixton in London.

All our projects have a story, and we are happy to share this story with you too. So, our next successful project took place in Brixton this spring 2021 and here is our next happy client.

While we were carrying out the work with our existing client in Brixton (, our next customer came to us with a question if we could do a plastering at his property. When said YES, meaning we are able to provide this service afterwards as we never affect our work which is currently in progress to avoid mess in both projects which is constantly happening with some of other builders.   

We agreed to come over in the evening to finish a small plastering job. After that, customer came back to us the following day, as he appreciated our plastering work and asked us to give him an estimate for the garage conversion also, as he has been watching us for months doing our renovation work in the current place. We were like in a show room were people watch what is going on in the area ( and how our work progressed. Meantime our existing project was almost finished, and we decided to accept his request and book him in next.

Then you will realise what can be done in your property within short period of time if you organise things in the right way.

Here are our highlights of the services we offered:

⚡️Good advice and help to supply materials (especially bricks which need to match with existing facade of the house); 

⚡️Removal of the existing steal garage door out, cutting out the doorway in the wall for the new interior door installation inside the corridor in the house (so that customer could have access to the room from any side of the house);

⚡️Starting brickwork and preparing new PVC windows for installation;  

⚡️Making frame for the new flooring installation by lifting up for 40cm up, insulation;

⚡️ Closing down flooring with good insulation under;

⚡️Removing existing plasterboard from the ceiling, insulation, closing up with 2 lay of plasterboard for a better support by avoiding any cracks in the future;


Part of work like laminate installation, some wiring and plumbing work has been done by friends of our customer, windows have been installed by retailer as well, so basically customer saved a lot of money with his friends. The rest of the job was ours and we are happy for the good and quality work been done

To be honest, I haven’t thought I will publish this project, but recently I decided to visit my customer to see how he is going, and which kind of finish there is. And what can I say, AMAZING finish, I would never say there was a garage before.

We would like to share a short video and some photos with you

Gallery of the completed project

During our work, we took some photos for our website.

As we can see from the past, the best place for advertising is your reality, what you are currently doing and what you can show to people who may be walking around your project.

So, would you like to bring more value to your property by converting your garage to a bedroom or a leaving room? Let us give you some options how you can improve your house with minimum expenses, contact us or visit our page for more info.

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