Four bedroom house renovation at SE15, London

Dear customers, before i decided to publish this project i did think shall i do it or leave it as u can not feel comfortable as the background of this project hasn’t been clear: did the customer move in with or without financial comfort when the project has been completed?

I would like to give you more description what has been done for the budget of £16.000 including first fix materials, scaffolding and taxes. I would appreciate if you can leave your comments about this project.

Here we share some of our experience working on this project:

  • Delivering services in time including exterior and interior work within 20 days where property has been fully furnished and 34 degrees were waiting for you outside :))
  • Exterior work including refurbishing and restoration of windows and doors, plus rendering on high level standard compared with other builders doing particular work at the next door using “cheap” materials, please see few pictures or full video;
  • Replacing kitchen worktops with no damages for existing tiles and other fixtures and appliances with same day delivery and installation;
  • Laying laminate with minimised wastes and moving tone of piano round the living room:));
  • Bespoke cabinet unit under the sink to hide all existing plumbing work;
  • Wallpapers work, part of it wasn’t on the quotation;
  • Refreshing bathroom, changing some plumbing work, valves, taps, towel rail, installation of a shower screen, replacing extractor fan, rounded fresh silicone and finally some painting took place;
  • Repairing all cracks at whole property using fibreglass mesh, painting and decorating at the whole property including all wood sections, walls and ceilings;
  • Many more work been delivered during this time with no extra cost.

I believe we did deliver service at higher level standard and in time. We only doubt if we provided information to the client clear enough, as when she asked “can you do this job for me?, with our answer “yes, we can!”, – people start thinking it must be done for free and time to time can be upset!

Dear customers, please do not be upset, just fight for your rights, communicate, read quotations, sign the contract (which is strongly recommending), before u do start any work with any builders even if they come to you by recommendations.

And below is our report from the construction site.

If you would like to discuss your next project, feel free to contact us, alternatively look few more projects here

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