Decking Refurbishment at Leytonstone in London

Getting building work done can be quite difficult and stressful. If things go wrong, it can be very costly and it can be quite personal with the builder being in your house.  UKRSTARS LTD offers its clients many years of experience of executing construction and renovation projects in both retail and commercial. All our projects big or small are carried out to the highest of standards and we ensure every job meets your requirements.  

Today I would like to present one of our smallest projects completed this June 2022 where the customer requested to refresh his decking with OSMO oil only. Each project has individual benefits from us, and usually we are delivering more services than customer asking. Our client asked us to refresh his decking with Osmo Oil only, instead of this we have delivered a bit more services to bring his garden with better and modern look by cleaning all plants from the old leaves, Ivy and other grass.

Here is our tasks of work which has been completed:

✅ Moved Garden furniture to one side of the garden (no mess around as others do);

✅ Sanded and removed old oil from existing decking;

✅ Cleaned fences panels from the Ivy and other grass and soil;

✅ Fixed weak floorboards;

✅ Finished with Osmo decking Oil (between decking boards also).

All work, doesn’t matter of size and difficulties, requires to be done in detail and people, mostly, love when everything done in detail also. If you looking to refresh your garden, do not hesitate to contract us for your free estimate and quick respond!  

We would like to share a short video and some photos with you.

Gallery of our completed project.

During our work, we took some photos for our website.

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