Compact Cloakroom Refurbishment in Brixton, London.

One of the most common complaints from UK homeowners is lack of space. We take a teeny-tiny look at just how small you can go with your cloakroom, squeezing every available inch out of your space. Our customer decided to convert his storage place under the stairs into a cloakroom. 

Some tips what can be done based our recent experience:

✅ Checking if you can able to run new waste pipe connection by finding your closest manifold. In some cases, you may consider installing Saniflo System Toilets instead (less damage by running waste pipes, but more costly to install).

✅ Checking if you can add extractor fan as this is the first line of defence to prevent condensation damp. d.

✅ Checking if you can have a sink. In some cases, you should go with combi toilet system as we did. 

✅ Checking if you wish to add a towel rail for the best and compact usage. In our case was unnecessary. 

✅ Checking and design your tilling ideas, wallpaper, or simply nice painting work with upgrade of new furniture can finalise your project criteria.

Most important at any project you planning to do is the right team which can take all your hassle in one folder. So, If you planning to earn a good return from your investments, property refurbishment is one of the best ways to bring some value to your property. If you need our opinion or any help and advice with products and services, feel free to get in touch with us. Most of our estimates are free of charge.

We would like to share a short video and some photos with you

Gallery of our completed project

During our work, we took some photos for our website.

Dear customers! If you are struggling to choose the right products or you need more advice on how to modernise and complete your project on time, feel free to contact us and we will try to match your budget, and even beat like to like quotes!

So, If you already have an idea and need a team of professionals who can make it real just give us a call and you will be our next HAPPY CLIENT!

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