Bay Window Renovation and Waterproofing, New Brick Wall Installation in Walthamstow

Imagine you just bought a new property, which is fresh and been recently renovated. Looks like is nothing can cause a problem, but within some time, especially after heavy rain and cold weather you started noticing there are wet walls and damp started heavily rising. Any form of damp, is left untreated, further damage could spread to interior floor timbers, resulting in major, expensive repair works. Damp moves through capillary action, traveling across the mortar joints of the brickwork and eventually causing damage to the interior finishing off the walls.

With such kind of problem our customer had contact us complaining about his problem and we had find the best solution matching his budget and criteria. Furthermore, we have done some other jobs for him as an extra work. We believe our customer is happy with our work and no further damps will cause a damage to his new refurbished property.

Here is our tasks of work which has been completed:

✅ Repaired Bay window wall, Waterproofing, rendering;

✅ Making new water drainage channel;

✅ Repaired gutters and made a slop for the rainwater go to the drainage pot;

✅ Installed new tiles on the porch;

✅ Repaired windows, by replacing old silicone and clean UPVC windows using Solvent Cleaner chemicals;

✅ Remove old brick wall and made new brick wall using YELLOW STOCK BRICKS;

✅ Painting and decorating using Masonry White Paint.

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We would like to share a short video and some photos with you.

Gallery of our completed project.

During our work, we took some photos for our website.

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