Bathroom, Shower room, Kitchen and Combi Boiler Refurbishment at East Ham in London.

Here is our next successful project(s) and pleased happy customer. We did 3 jobs in one go within 14 days from start this March. We started with bathroom renovation and after demolition we had given our opinion what can be done as extra work to bring better look with more space for existing bathroom. So same time we started with boiler replacement where we updated existing boiler to the Combi/Vaillant and installed it in the kitchen with access panel matching existing kitchen furniture.

Apparently when we used utility room on the second floor, we found other problems. To avoid further damages in the future for the bathroom being currently under construction we did offer to replace existing shower cabin and upgrade with same style of tiles matching existing utility/shower room. 

During 2 weeks we also refreshed kitchen with new grout, new worktops, sink and tap, boxed in Combi Boiler matching existing kitchen furniture.

Highlights of this project are:

  • Replacing the old boiler and installation of a new Combi Vaillant boiler in the kitchen, so we did drop a boiler down to the kitchen from the bathroom;
  • Hiding all pipes into the walls, which have been boxed in the bathroom previously (basically just wasted the space);
  • Making a partition for the new bathroom before installation, so our customer can easily stand on it without worries for any movements and stability;
  • New tiles fitting round the bathroom with two different sets of tiles, one for the future wall, and other for the walls and floor. Instead of bath panel we decided to tile the bath for modern look;
  • Update of all plumbing fixtures such as bath, toilet, vanity unit, mixer tap and the towel rail; 
  • New painting and dropped spotlights installation;
  • Upgrade door hinges and new fresh paint for interior bathroom door;
  • In the kitchen we installed a new Combi Boiler/Vaillant with Vaillant flue and Vaillant filter which allows customer to have 10 years warranty instead of 7;
  • Power flush of all 11 radiators including changing valves;
  • Installation of new work tops in the kitchen matching old one;
  • New ceramic sink and modern kitchen tap installation;
  • Re-grouting kitchen tiles and re-ceiled work tops;
  • Boxing/access panel for the boiler with same furniture materials matching existing kitchen units;
  • Repairing the ceiling after successful installation of a new boiler;
  • Skimming and new fresh paint applied;
  • Installation of a new shower cabin on the second floor;
  • Repairing and tanking (waterproofing) of two damaged walls; 
  • New tiling matching the rest of existing ones;
  • New mixer tap installation and ceiled round the shower;

We would like to share a short video and some pictures with you since we completed work there. 




When we arrived for the first time, we took some photos for our website. This is how this project was before and during renovation.

Well, we didn’t expect that everything would go so smooth as it was and we didn’t expect when we provided an estimate that our customer would be so pleased with our labour work, deliveries etc.

So, dear Mrs Ann…if u read this I appreciate your trust and your work with us. God blesses!

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