Central Heating and Bathroom Renovation in Kensington

Our customer is property developer and he is using our service regularly to manage his own properties. One of these properties based at Kensington in London.

Mostly he was looking to replace existing central heating system. Then to replace old cylinder for the new one and all plumbing fixtures belonged to it also as existing water pressure was very bad.

Apparently he decided to make some renovation in his bathroom, replacing tiles on the wall, change cabinet units, sink and taps. But asked us to match existing bathroom style and tiles with a modern materials also, so its was his biggest priority!

Everyone knows to build from scratch it’s the easiest way, but to make customer happy in generally and financially is difficult but not for UKRSTARS!

The highlights of this job:

☀️ Demolition of the existing plumbing fixtures and tiles avoiding further damages of other parts;

☀️ Installation of new cylinder and connection six radiators with smart module control;

☀️ Installation of two shaver sockets inside the mirror cabinet to minimise space and good look;

☀️ Carpentry work also took place with installation of new locks, hinges, doors;

☀️ New tiles installation matching other part of the bathroom including grouting;

☀️ New modern mirror cabinet and sink unit including plumbing fixtures;

☀️ Refurbishment of existing storage with modern look;

☀️ Replacing toilet with a new one close to the wall style;

☀️ Silicon round the sections matching existing style of utility room;

☀️ Painting and decorating finalised our work!

At the end of this project our customer received electrical installation certificate from us. Gas certificate has been issued also so our client can keep care of his new cylinder and activate the warranty for up to 25 years!

We took some pictures and recorded shot video for you:

We took some picture of our completion work:

And below is our report from the construction site.

If you would like to discuss your next project, feel free to contact us, alternatively look few more projects here

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