Bathroom renovation at Woolwich in London

Our customer just received keys and moved into his new property after successful and hard work with the mortgage. Within few days he has been confused what the main work need to be done to be safe and sleep well as been concern that a leak coming into the garage constantly, damaged the garage ceiling and some equipments also. To use and have access to the garage he decided to find out what the problem is and began exactly from his bathroom to complete first, which based on first floor on top of the garage!

He did ask us for advise and available options to keep same style of the bathroom, avoid damages as less as possible. He noticed that the shower cabin wasn’t functioning properly, water pressure wasn’t good enough and the toilet was too low for comfortable usage also.

As he loved style of existing bathroom we advised to change shower cabinet unit, change plumbing pipes and valves, replace toilet for the new one and on level standard. Then tiling (part of bathroom matching existing tiles) and finally replace old ceiling in the garage with access panel to get into the pipes in case of future leakage. We offered basic refurbishing matching budget and style.

While customer was thinking about quote we did some investigation regarding tiles and other materials, to make sure we can match and compare with other part of bathroom materials and match his interests also if he will be ready to go!

Within few days he confirmed to go ahead and we already knew what we need to complete our work within agreed time before New Year Eve!

The following accomplishments let us to achieve a final result:

⚡️Accurate demolition avoiding other parts of damage;

⚡️Time and delivery (took us 6 days till completion);

⚡️New plumbing and installation of shower cabin and framed toilet with access panel to the pipes;

⚡️Extractor fan installation;

⚡️New skimming in a garage with access panel to the pipes;

⚡️New painting and decorating;

⚡️Finalise with a cleaning and rubbish collection.

So we have been happy to leave customer satisfied and meet the NEW YEAR EVE with our families as we finished at 6pm on 31 of December 2019:)

We took quite a number of photos and we would like to share some of them with you.

And below is our report from the construction site.

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